Customer Stories

Wonderfully Obsessive About Fine Clothes

"As someone who has an unusual build and has great difficulty finding clothes that fit, I LOVE having the ability to have my items custom tailored. I have been very impressed with the shirts I've purchased previously and have just ordered more.

I have also recommended your site to a couple of my friends and business associates, at least one of whom is every bit as obsessive about fine clothes as I am. I just wanted to toss my thoughts out there in the hopes that they're in some way useful to you. Kudos on the great work so far, and best wishes!!"

Burnley B. (North Carolina, United States)

The Story of A Huge Fan

"I learned about about a month ago from my wife. The concept of tailored shirts seemed interesting to me and I decided to order one shirt to try the website. My initial experience was very encouraging, the website is extremely easy to navigate, it gave me every option to design a shirt just like I want it and amazingly the three options to provide your measurements were not only very easy to use but also very accurate.

I received my first shirt faster than promised and was extremely impressed with the workmanship, the high quality fabric (it delivered exactly as shown on the graphics in the website) and the way it fit me. Immediately after that I ordered nine more shirts and once again exceeded my expectations.

Your customer service, quality and value for money is simply second to none. I have recommended this site to several colleagues and they all feel the same way I do. I would never buy a pre-made shirt ever again, with the high quality, great fit, convenience and value of all my future shirts will come from you. I am not just a satisfied customer of, I am a HUGE FAN."

Juan D. (Texas, United States)

Piecing Together The Shirt

"I was really pleased with your service. I found out about your company from a website that I frequent. When I went to your website I noticed the amount of variety of customizations that was offered. Most other custom shirt websites only offer the variety of color. When I discovered that I could literally piece together a shirt as well as make all the small changes like placket style and button hole color, I was very impressed. I was more impressed when I received my shirt. The fabric was of excellent quality and I was pleased with the way it fit. I have purchased off the rack before but never again. Best of all it was cheaper (including shipping) than most of my other shirts (T.M. Lewin, Daniel Cremieux, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc.), and I received it quicker than I was told at checkout. I will definitely be ordering more shirts from"

Richard C. (Mississippi, United States)

Always Room for Improvement

"I have long arms and small neck size. It’s not easy for me to find well fitting ready-made shirts from stores, let alone with great design. Your website makes it easy to design and order shirts with custom designs and measurements.

The first shirt I ordered was delivered quickly, workmanship was good and the shirt fitted perfectly. I also like the tone of voice you use on the website and in customer service. I am definitely going to order more shirts and suggest the service to my friends.

Having said this, there is always room for improvement. I hope you will keep on developing more functionality for your website and expand the fabric choices in the future."

Samuel R. (Espoo, Finland)

My New Home

"I have a hard time finding shirts that fit me just right. It's just the way my body is shaped. Consequently, I use custom shirtmakers a lot. I was impressed by the way SHIRTSMYWAY actually measured their shirts so I decided to give it a try on the web.

I was blown away by the shirts that came back. I've never had shirts fit so spot on. Just as important, and rare, the quality and the colors were true to the web site display. I got everything I asked for and more.... a perfect fit. I found my new home for shirts."

Lawerence K. (New York City, NY, United States)

Refitting The Entire Wardrobe

"My wife calls me monkey man. It's our little joke because my arms seem to be about two or so inches longer than whoever most off-the-rack shirts are tailored for. I've always had trouble finding shirts that fit right, and if I did stumble on a size that worked, I generally had a pretty limited selection of colors and styles.

To make matters worse, I recently lost a lot of weight, which was a plus for just about every aspect of my life, except for my wardrobe. If I found a shirt that fit my body well, the sleeves were always too short, and if I could find a shirt with sleeves that fit, I was always swimming in it. After a summer of working out, I found that all of my shirts no longer fit and when I went shopping the size 15 36/37 was altogether non-existence.

I considered buying custom made shirts, but when I started looking around, I found that most companies that made tailor fit clothing were out of my price range. A couple of weeks ago, however, I came across a writeup about on another website. Realizing that my wardrobe was severely lacking in well fitting dress shirts, I decided to give a shot, since their prices seemed quite reasonable compared to everywhere else that I had looked. I played around with the design interface for a while, and really enjoyed all of the neat customizations that were available on the website.

Once I had designed a shirt that I liked, I placed my order and figured that I would wait and see what arrived in the mail. My shirt arrived in what seemed to me to be remarkably quick time, considering that it had to be custom fabricated, and when I took it out of the packaging and showed it to my wife, her immediate response was, 'Wow, that is the best fitting and nicest shirt I've ever seen you wear'. After the positive experience that I've had with your company, I will be refitting my entire wardrobe with shirts from you guys, and can't see myself ever buying off-the-rack dress shirts again."

Dan S. (Syracuse, NY, United States)

Becoming Favorites

"I had a fantastic experience ordering shirts from your website. The customization options are immense and I had a great time picking which buttons, collars, cuffs I wanted. The combinations that I could come up with seemed limitless! Once I received the shirts I was ecstatic to try them on and wear them. The fabric is super soft but also thick, there were no defects or loose threads.

I knew these shirts would become favorites in no time. They fit great and looked great. I will definitely buy new shirts again and I hope that next time the shirts ship in a box instead of a bag. I had a great time ordering and wearing the shirts. Thank you!"

Mike S. (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Height of The Collars

"Fully customized dress shirts at this quality delivered this fast at this price - how you guys do it is beyond me! The wide variety of shirt design options, especially collar heights, which is the one area most 'custom' shirt companies come up short on, is great. I will certainly be purchasing more shirts from you, as I think the price to value for your shirts is excellent. Thanks for fast, good-looking, high-quality shirts at a great price, with great service before and after the sale!"

Daniel B. (Dansville, NY, United States)

Shirts Un-Tucked

"I think is THE way to shop. I have always been disgruntled with the fit and choice of shirts sold at department stores and men's stores. I like to wear my shirts un-tucked with jeans, but my arms are shorter than average.

So with most department store shirts, the sleeves are too long and the hem of the shirt is also too long or they were meant to worn tucked in. But with your shirts, the sleeves are just right and the hem length and style is just right. I have already told my friends about your great website! The fit is perfect, the quality of the materials and workmanship is excellent and so is the service."

Stuart O. (Los Angeles, CA, United States)

One of The Friendliest Interfaces

"I'd like to openly express my great satisfaction from the shirt I have recently bought from you. I was pleasantly surprised to see and feel the quality of the work and materials. It was of much higher value than I anticipated.

The final product was exactly like I customized, using what I considered to be one of the friendliest interfaces I've seen online. All in all, keep up the good work and best of luck!"

Adam W. (Berlin, Germany)

Fits Like A Glove - From Neil:

"I picked up my order and am EXTREMELY pleased with the shirts. At first I was a bit hesitant about ordering shirts online without trying them on but because I put in my exact measurements and other specifications, I felt reassured I knew what I would be getting. My arms have always been a bit out of proportion with my shoulders and as a result, I haven’t been able to find decent fitting shirts very often. In the past I had to compromise between either a shirt fitting my shoulders or my arms.

After wearing the shirts that I ordered, I think it’ll be hard to go back to the others I’ve got in my wardrobe. The phrase 'fits like a glove' comes to mind. When you’re paying the same price for a shirt made to a generic fit at a department store, why not have one made just for you the way you want it? Thank you ShirtsMyWay!"

Neil B. (San Diego, CA, United States)

7 Trillion Shirts

"I'm really impressed with the array of customization options. Whatever my style is - you guys can make it! Having received my first two shirts, I'm sure I'll be ordering more soon.

This is by far the best combination of design options, quality, and value for money than I've seen anywhere else. Too bad I don't get to wear all 7 trillion of the possible shirts..."

Daniel G. (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Design Equals Value

"Design = Value. As an architect, I look for innovative design and value in everything I do professionally - and also in my personal life. I suppose I would design the soles of your shoes if given the chance. In doing a random internet search, I came across shirtsmyway and bookmarked it for future shopping.

Upon receiving my first order, I was impressed with the quality of construction. The fun I had creating my own shirt plus the ease of use of the website will keep me coming back. Your attentive follow-up from customer service will have me sharing with friends and colleagues."

William H. (New York City, NY, United States)

The Guys in Customer Support

"I got a great well-made shirt that was to my specifications! You guys in Customer Support really excelled when it was needed, I am so happy with the service that I went ahead and already placed my second order for more custom shirts and can not wait for them to get here. I recommend the site highly to all my friends.

Great work ShirtsMyWay!"

Jonathan R. (San Diego, CA, United States)

Flying First Class - From Michael:

"There are two things I really enjoyed with your company. One is the quality of service, your team really went above and beyond what is required to ensure the selection, payment and delivery is first-class. The two shirts I ordered came very quickly and hassle free.

The second thing I would like to mention is the quality of the shirts. You guys have exceded my expectations, and I am very much looking forward to ordering many many more. Keep up the good work team"

Michael C. (London, United Kingdom)

Vibrant Tones

"My overall experience with was absolutely wonderful. The interface was simple and straightforward and was very easy to use. The fabric feels very durable, yet very comfortable to wear. I love the detailed fabric under the collar. The shirt feels very well made and fits my dimensions exceptionally well. So far, customer service has been acceptable. I will definitely be considering purchasing more shirts from you. I was mildly disappointed by the slight variance of color from the website to the shirt, but that is to be expected due to different monitors. Although the fabric options were nice, I would greatly appreciate a wider selection of colors, especially more rich or vibrant tones."

Joshua S. (Texas, United States)

Expressing Individuality

"I am always looking for ways to express my individuality, and you allow me to do just that! When I saw that I could customize every single part of my dress shirts, right down to a 6 letter monogram on the cuff, I was immediately intrigued and had to order one! I went ahead and ordered my first shirt to get a feel for your service and delivery, and it met every expectation I had. I had my custom shirt within about 5 days and wore it the day after it arrived. I knew I had something good going, when I received a half a dozen compliments the first time I wore it! I'm looking forward to ordering some more custom shirts!"

Bob P. (London, ON, Canada)