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Depending on your role in a wedding, an appropriate dress shirt should be worn matching the theme. As a formal event, it should be quite self-explaining when trying to gage the dress code of the event, especially if it has specific requests on the invitation, such as black tie. For occasions as harmonious and memorable as weddings, one should only wear the most formal dress shirt available. A standard cutaway collar shirt may be accepted on a daily basis in the office, but it may be frowned upon at a grand ceremony or formal reception. It would be considered disrespectful and perhaps even inconsiderate, should a guest completely disregard the wedding theme.

The key to dressing for weddings is using color accents according to the theme of the wedding. One of the most common ways in matching the wedding theme is through contrast collar and cuffs. If you're a guest, then matching the dress shirt accessories such as neckties and cufflinks will suffice. If it's your ceremony, it is advised to coordinate the dress shirt with your partner.

Of course, dress shirt elements also determine the formality of the dress shirt. Normally, French Cuff Dress Shirts are a safe bet in all formal occasions, as they exude the highest caliber of cuffs on a dress shirt. Subtlety in colors can go a long way, pastel colors on dress shirt collar and cuffs place emphasis on the amount of thought put into ensuring that the wedding colors are complementary to the bride and groom. Ultimately, personal evaluation of the attending guests, location, and venue should all be good indicators of the strictness of abiding by the dress code. Wedding Dress Shirts: Shop Online.