Wearing Sweaters With Your Dress Shirt

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If suit jackets are not part of your daily wardrobe, a sweater over your dress shirt is a wonderful alternative for the cold. And no, we're not talking about the thick hand knitted sweaters with outrageous patterns that your grandmother made you last Christmas. Sweaters are typically made with wool and cotton but occasionally there are the special cashmere sweaters too.

There are many different styles of sweaters such as cardigans and half-zips. The two that best compliment your dress shirt while still keeping you in style are the crewnecks and the v-necks. There are also a few things you can do with your dress shirt collar under the crewneck and the v-neck. You can either leave it tucked in the sweater collar or flipped out. You can also leave your dress shirt collar and the first one or two buttons unbuttoned or fully buttoned up. If you go with the latter, then make sure you have a necktie on. Both the crewneck and the v-neck sweaters will work, but the v-neck will allow more room for you to show off your customized dress shirt and that new tie.

Sweaters also come in different colors and patterns. A solid grey, charcoal, or black sweater is usually the norm. These colors will go with any colored or patterned dress shirt. Grey on light blue or lavender gives off a very chic look while the classy black on white look exudes a sense of presence. Brighter warm colors are not unacceptable but are risky depending on your office culture. A popular compromise is the argyle pattern. Argyle sweaters can bring in that much needed brightness to your dull day. They look great on solid and light striped dress shirts, but try to stay away from stronger patterned dress shirts. If your work place is more casual and encourages adventure then go ahead and throw on your striped or polka-dotted sweaters. However make sure that you wear a solid colored dress shirt under, preferably in one of the secondary colors on the sweater. The key to wearing your sweater perfectly with your dress shirt is to have it fit snuggly. When you are in the stores, try on the sweater with a dress shirt to make sure that it is not too tight that your belly folds are bulging and not too loose that you look like you have something to hide. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.