Wearing Necktie With Your Dress Shirt

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When choosing a necktie for a man's dress shirt, one must remember the general rule of ensuring that the necktie of choice complements the overall visual appearance of the ensemble. Neckties are accessories and the objective of accessories is to highlight the outfit. The necktie width should match the body frame. This means that the necktie width should be thinner for slim men and thicker for wide men. The necktie should hang down so that it sits just above the top of the belt buckle. There are two types of neckties, polyester and silk. They convey different feelings and thus suit different occassions.

Polyester blends are more appropriate for casual wear, such as parties and regular office attire, because they are not over the top. Here, you can experiment with more vibrant colors to give your outfit more flavor. Silk ties, on the other hand, exude higher quality texture due to their shine and should only be used for more sophisticated occasions, including job interviews and important business meetings. You are advised to wear a silk tie with neutral tones, so as not to blind others.

Formal events like weddings and funerals also require neckties. Black is the color of formality. Men will, therefore, generally wear a black tie over a white shirt under a black suit. Your best bet is to do the same. Nevertheless, many weddings have a color theme which should be reflected in the wedding shirts. Choose a necktie matching the theme to make the bride happy. In your best interest, you are advised not to experiment with colors at funerals. Definitely go with a black dress shirt to show your respect. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.