Wearing Jeans With Your Dress Shirt

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Wearing dress shirts over jeans has been a much debated topic. Although pairing dress shirts with jeans takes away some of the dress shirt's poise, if done right, the look can still give off a sense of casual sexiness. There are a few things one can do with the dress shirt and jeans combo in regards to color of the jeans, fit of the dress shirt, and whether or not to tuck in the dress shirt.

Tucking your dress shirt in or leaving it out of your jeans is entirely up to you. For a trendier look, we recommend you leaving your dress shirt untucked. Darker jeans are usually preferred when wearing a dress shirt because it matches most colors and patterns. The dark dress shirt and dark jeans look has been the dominant look in the nightclub scene. If you are going for the casual and sensual beach look, then a lighter pair of jeans will look better with preferably a lighter dress shirt such as white. Both of these looks should have the dress shirt untucked. If you like to leave your dress shirt untucked with your jeans, we advise you to wear fitted or customized dress shirts. This will ensure that there is no excess fabric hanging around your mid-section giving you those extra 2 pounds. When you want to leave your dress shirt untucked, the tail cut is usually preferred over the square cut. However the style of the base of the dress shirt is really up to the individual. The main thing to look out for is the proportion of the dress shirt's length to our body. Like with dress pants, if the dress shirt hangs too low on your jeans, it will make you look much shorter.

Black dress shirts and white dress shirts go well with jeans but we recommend you to explore your fabric options. Striped dress shirts on jeans will give you a fun Friday night look while floral dress shirts will give you a chic European look. However, unless you want to look like you raise farm animals, avoid wearing dark plaids with your jeans, especially tucked in. Remember to watch your dress shirt's proportion to your body and you should be rocking that dress shirt and jeans look. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.