Wearing Bowtie With Your Dress Shirt

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Despite the general perception of bowties being quite comical, it is possible to carry the look with style and confidence, just look at James Bond. To some people, wearing bowties may not emit the same elegance and style as neckties, possibly due to the number of cartoon characters that have been associated with them. Actually, a bowtie can look better than a necktie for formal events, if it's on the right person.

Bowties were considered very sophisticated accessories, but decreased in popularity in the twentieth century. Nevertheless, they add a very unique composition to the dress shirt. Casual bowties are in made in a spectrum of hues and patterns. Formal bowties call for a more subtle approach and are usually in variations of black, white and blue. Black-Tie events, which call for black or midnight blue tuxedos, require black bowties.

Individuals with a more rounded facial feature may want to steer clear of bowties as they tend not to complement this type of face. One final rule is to stay away from large bowties and ready made bowties like clip-ons. While bowties that are wider than the dress shirt collar give an impression of clowns, clip-ons are associated with children. Try to experiment a bit and see if bowties can work for you. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.