How To Wear A Dress Shirt

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Most of us can agree that there is no one universal way of wearing a dress shirt at the office, but conservative is key. It may look boring, but corporate offices usually do not tolerate too many fashion deviations. Rule #1: The sleeves must remain the way they are. You don't casually roll up the sleeves on a hot day during meetings. If you're one to perspire profusely during the summer heat, try wearing a cotton undershirt to cool you off and to reduce the chances of ruining a quality shirt.

Rule #2: Both cuffs and placket are to remain buttoned. The cuffs are meant to have a snug fit around the man's wrist. The buttons help secure the cuff when it sticks out of a suit jacket. The placket should be fully buttoned and accessorized with a tie. Nobody wants to see Sasquatch in the office. You don't want to end up leaving repulsed faces on colleagues that could eventually be to the detriment of your career.

The collar is advised to be decorated with a necktie, bowties are for dressier events, and there is such a thing as being overdressed in the office. Choosing not to wear a necktie is also acceptable, so long as the rest of the guidelines are followed and the collar is not popped. Rule #3: Your dress shirt is to remain tucked in, that's what shirttails are for. And if you're worried about the shirt untucking itself during your daily activities, there are methods of customizing it to prevent bunching. Conservative calls for respecting colleagues and the corporate image of the company. Wearing a dress shirt properly does just that. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.