How To Wash A Dress Shirt

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If you don't plan on buying new dress shirts every year, then learning to correctly wash your dress shirts is a must. The best way to have your dress shirts cleaned is not by getting them dry cleaned like most people do. The use of chemicals in the dry cleaning process can cause a yellow tint on your dress shirts and damage the fabric over time.

The only exception to the abovementioned is when the care instructions on the care tag state that the shirt is dry clean only, but other than that your dress shirts shouldn't be dry cleaned often. If you do plan on sending your dress shirts to the dry cleaners, ask them to launder the shirts rather than dry clean them. Also when doing this, make sure that you point out the stains so that they can properly take of them for you.

Laundering the shirts allows water soluble stains like perspiration to be lifted off the shirt. If you plan on washing your dress shirts at home, separate them into whites, colors, and darks and also pre-inspect the shirts, so that you can spot clean them with a stain remover first. For lighter colors like white dress shirts or pink dress shirts you can set the washer on high or medium heat. For darker colors, use a cold wash cycle. It is preferable not to use the dryer to fully dry your dress shirts to prevent shrinkage, but if you insist, use low heat settings so that you minimize the shrinkage. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.