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The twill dress shirt is compiled of a distinctive weaving pattern that forms a diagonal parallel rib on the fabric. It has more texture to it, adding thickness but not weighing the fabric down. Regular twill is still smooth to the touch and is lighter than oxford fabrics and broadcloth fabrics. A woven twill fabric on the other hand is slightly heavier. Possibly the most common twill fabrics are denim and tweed.

The diagonal ribs present on a twill dress shirt are made possible by the specific passing of the weft. Unlike the oxford weave where the weft and warp merely form intersecting weaves, the weft, or the thread that goes over and under the warp is done differently. The numerical indicators of twill such as 2/1 and 2/2 specify how the weave goes. If the weft passes over two warp threads and passes under two warp threads then it is a 2/2 twill. A weft that passes over two warp threads then under one warp thread is called a 2/1 twill. Due to the way it's constructed, twill fabrics tend to drape well.

Another characteristic about twill dress shirts is their presentation. In plain weave dress shirts, there is no front or back sides. The front side of a twill cloth is called the technical face. This side of the fabric has a more pronounced pattern, thus making this side more attractive and therefore the side that others get to see when purchasing a dress shirt. Using a twill fabric on striped dress shirts is a great way of enhancing the striations on the base. Twill Dress Shirts: Shop Online.