The Art Of Tucking Your Dress Shirt

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You start the day with a neatly tucked dress shirt, and two hours later, it's coming loose. Many of you will recognise this scenario. When you see other men walk around with perfectly tucked dress shirts all day long, it is nothing more than an illusion. You are not the only man around who has to retuck his dress shirt. And for most of us, it is unlikely that we can avoid retucking altogether.

This, however, does not mean that all is lost. There are a couple of things that you can do to greatly reduce the retucking frequency. First, it helps if the shirt is longer, possibly extending past the seat, so that it doesn't get pulled when you sit down. Second, you can get a tailored dress shirt that is trimmed at the waist and hips, so that there is less to pull out. Third, you can fold the dress shirt along the sides before tucking, but it will surely look less natural. Although the advice here will help, the only to be completely sure that you won't have to retuck is to remain very still.

Naturally, you don't have to retuck if you wear your dress shirt untucked. In this case, you are probably going for a slimmer and more casual look. For this look, we recommend that the length of the dress shirt extends 15 centimeters or 4 inches past your waistline. And for those of you who want to do the out-of-bed-half-tuck as a fashion statement, we advise the same dress shirt length as the untucked look. In creating the out-of-bed-half-tuck, the most natural way would be to loosely tuck your dress shirt, and then pulling out a piece of one base flap reaching 45 degrees around your torso. This should give you the fashionable look you want. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.