How To Tuck A Dress Shirt

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Knowing how to properly tuck your dress shirt can make a huge impact on how you look. Looking great for those job interviews, first dates, or any formal setting is almost a must. When most put on their dress shirt, the end result is a disheveled and sloppy look. Often times, the shirt puffs out on the sides and doesn't look good at all. Believe it or not, there's a technique to tucking in your shirt the right way so that you can get a cleaner look.

Once you've picked out your pair of slacks and which dress shirt you're going to wear, put them on and make sure you button up the dress shirt the right way and all the buttons line up. Once you've done that, unzip the pants and spread your legs a little so that the pants can hang on your hips. Make sure the shirt is laid flat over your chest and then reach around to the shirt tail and on each side fold the side in to make pleats so that the shirt is snug against your torso. While holding the pleats in place, reach down and grab your pants to pull up over your shirt. Make sure when you're doing this to keep the pants tight so that the pleats stay in place. Slowly move hands forward to the front and button your pants and then tuck in the front of your shirt.

Once done, make sure that the buttons of your shirt are aligned with your belt buckle and zipper. This method is most useful for off the rack shirts. With tailored shirts, you won't need to go through with this complicated process every time you put on a shirt. Tailored dress shirts will provide the clean and crisp look that you want without extra work because they are customized to your specifically to your body. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.