Striped Dress Shirts

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Of all men's shirts, striped dress shirts are possibly the one item that can be found in every man's closet. The main reason for striped shirts being so popular is versatility. Striped dress shirts have many functions. They can easily transform from a daytime office shirt to a night out clubbing shirt.

The direction and width of stripes on a dress shirt is a sign of the formality of a dress shirt. Bold striped shirts indicate a less dressy look and therefore would most likely not be appropriate at work. Wide stripes on a dress shirt are a rarity in the office, let alone during cocktail hours. The simpler the stripe on a dress shirt, the more dressy it is. If you want to be taken seriously in the office, it is best to go with a traditional pinstripe shirt. Avoid choosing a multi color striped shirt as this rainbow effect looks more comical than professional.

There are methods of varying how the stripes accentuate the base. To dramatize the stripe, opt for a contrast color from the dress shirt base. For a more subtle effect, try a white dress shirt with beige stripes. For a nautical and casual look, the horizontal blue stripes on a white shirt base make a cool statement as a summer shirt. Normally this pattern would only appear on polo shirts and t-shirts because it lacks a lot of formality even in the most casual of dress shirts. As an alternative, pastel green, pink and yellow give it a casual summer feel. Striped Dress Shirts: Shop Online.