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A slim fit dress shirt can do wonders for a man's appearance by enhancing his physique. It is neither too constricting nor too free-moving. The slim fit dress shirt is just perfect for flattering a lean body. Many men, especially those who have an athletic build, often opt for this trendy fit. There are, of course, varying degrees of slim fit, but the great thing about tailored dress shirts is that you define it exactly as you wish.

A dress shirt that fits a man should not bunch up when worn under a suit. This is an indication that too much room is given for the waist measurement. Some men will allow for a couple of centimeters or inches on each side of the waist for extra room. But be careful with this. It might create a baggy look that envelopes the torso, rather than complement it. If you have a smaller frame than most, pleating on the back should be avoided. Shoulders need to be broad enough to highlight the pleating. If they’re not, the dress shirt might end up looking rumpled.

Remember that slim fit dress shirts do not necessarily constitute tight dress shirts. A slim fit dress shirt helps contour the basic outline. A dress shirt should not gape when the wearer is sitting down. When the dress shirt buttons are hanging on to their dear life, it is a clear sign that the dress shirt is too tight. Men with smaller frames should always stick to a slim fit when buying dress shirts to avoid disappearing into the fabric. With that in mind, striped shirts or checkered shirts, with slim fit, give the illusion of having a well proportional physique. Slim Fit Dress Shirts: Shop Online.