Shoulder Looping Your Dress Shirt

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Shoulder loops, or sometimes called epaulettes, are very unique features that can really make your dress shirts stand out. Their popularity has steadily growing. The feature is typically seen on outerwear and military uniforms. When adorned on a dress shirt, they tend to make the dress shirt appear more casual. It would be a great look for a casual weekend date or a happy hour accent. However we suggest that you avoid them in the corporate office or any other professional setting.

Because the shoulder loops are associated with outerwear, they are thus more appropriate for dress shirts worn by itself without a jacket. It is good to experiment the shoulder loop with your customized dress shirts, but be cautious. Shoulder loops will only make you look sharp if the dress shirt is in a solid color, especially darker shades such as black, brown, navy, and of course olive. When worn untucked and open collared, you'll be ready to hit the bar or cruise along the beach. If you want an even more casual look, try rolling up your sleeves.

When shoulder loops are put on patterned dress shirts, they can become deadly, in a bad way. The dress shirt is already busy enough with lines or checkers that the extra feature will only distract the eyes. If you want to bring some color into your dress shirt without relying on the patterns, try matching your shoulder loops with your placket, cuffs, or collar in a different color. When done right, they could make you look quite slick. Consider a grey dress shirt with black shoulder loops, collar, placket, and cuffs. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.