Short Sleeve Dress Shirts

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Warmer climates call for shirts made out of breathable fabrics. Particularly, short sleeve dress shirts that are made of cotton, linen and rayon are ideal for outdoor events as natural fabrics enable the skin to breathe and cool the wearer on a hot day. White shirts made of linen are ideal for tropical countries due to their ability to reflect light and keep the wearer cool. Alternatively, a dressier version of short sleeve dress shirts can be achieved with vertical stripes for a night out in the town.

For short sleeve dress shirts, there are obviously no shirt cuffs. Instead, you get short sleeve endings. There are two standard types of short sleeve endings, single top and turn up. The most common is single top, which only has a single line of stitching. In contrast, the turn up has the ending fabric flipped up with double line stitching, which enhances the biceps for a more flattering look.

One of the biggest mistakes that men make is to assume that a collared short sleeve dress shirt is an appropriate substitute for a long sleeve dress shirt. Some men prefer to wear them as it provides more freedom for arm movement. Nevertheless, short sleeve shirts are made for informal events and should never be worn under a suit or donned with a necktie. Short sleeved dress shirts are deemed most appropriate after working hours. Short Sleeve Dress Shirts: Shop Online.