The Right Suit For Your Dress Shirt

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The first thing you need to know is that you shouldn't just buy a random jacket that appears to be the same color as your dress pants. You want to look sharp, you want your suit to look like an ensemble, and so you want your top and bottom to match. The black suit for men is like the little black dress for women, every man should own one. It is the easiest to match with your dress shirts and ties. Any color or patterned dress shirt will go with the solid black. It's also the most traditional color.

If you work in a somewhat conservative environment, the black suit is the safest choice. Grey and charcoal grey suits are also very popular. They are brighter than the typical black, thus they demand your attention. These two colors are also easy to match with, especially charcoal since it's much closer to the black. Lavenders, blues and black stripes over white background all look exceptionally well with grey and charcoal suits. There are also navy colored suits, but they are mostly seen on the more mature man. They are a little harder to match. The dress shirts best matched with this colored suit would be yellows, light blues, whites, or stripes/patterns consisting of the last two colors. Brown and tan suits are also available. Similar to the navy suit, they are harder to match. We would advise you to wear white, yellow, ecru, and tan or brown dress shirts with stripes/checkers here.

In addition to solid colors, suits also come in pinstripes, window-pane, plaid, and check patterns. The pinstripe suit is perhaps the easiest and least daring of the bunch. You can wear almost any colored dress shirt with it as long as you follow the rules mentioned above for the suit color. One issue that almost always arises is whether or not to wear striped dress shirts with pinstripe suits. Opinions vary from person to person, but we believe that as long as the stripes are different in width and style, it's okay. As for the other patterned suits, you don't want to wear the same patterned dress shirt. The window panes, plaids, and checkers are all very pronounced patterns that already grabs the attention. You want your dress shirt to compliment it by providing a backdrop and not fighting for attention. A different patterned dress shirt might work as long as the colors are subtle, think grey plaid suit with thin blue striped dress shirt. Pattern on pattern could work but has a lot of risk. Your best bet is to stick with the solid colored dress shirts. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.