How To Remove Wrinkles From Your Dress Shirt

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The most effective way to remove wrinkles from your dress shirt is by using an iron. But that's not always an option, especially if you're traveling. There are actually several other ways to remove wrinkles, although not as effective as ironing the dress shirt, they certainly still help get out those awful wrinkles so you can look your best.

One method is by using the heat and steaming power of the shower. Hang the dress shirt as close to the shower as you can without letting it get wet. Then turn on the shower to the hottest setting and close the door. Let the room fill up with steam and wait at least 10 minutes. The heat and steam will release most of the wrinkles in the shirt on its own, but you may have to manually smooth them out by pulling the fabric tight or by using a damp cloth to remove the wrinkles. If wrinkles still aren't coming out, turn the shower on again and let it steam more, stiffer fabrics and deeper wrinkles take a bit longer. Once the wrinkles are all out, let the shirt cool first before wearing your shirt.

Another method is to use the dryer. Either slightly dampen your shirt or put a damp towel in the dryer with the dress shirt and turn it on for a short time. You can also use water and a hair dryer to help remove wrinkles from your dress shirt. The best method is to hang your dress shirt up and wet the wrinkle affected areas. Set the dryer on the highest and hottest settings and while you dry the shirt, pull the fabric taut to help expedite the process. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.