How To Remove Tags From Your Dress Shirt

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While the tags on your dress shirt do have some significance, such as the care information, they can become a nuisance over time. Once you've owned the shirt for some time, you'll have learned how to care for your dress shirt, so you might want to remove them so that they no longer poke and irritate you.

You'll only need one tool for this procedure, a small pair of scissors with a very fine pointed end. You'll only need to be working where the tag is attached to the fabric of the shirt, so grab the excess tags and cut them off only leaving a little bit of the tag left on the shirt. Fold over the tag so that it exposes the stitching. Then take one fine tip of the scissors and attempt to cut the stitching at one end of the tag. At the same time pull upwards on the tag itself to expose the stitching and to help loosen the tread and also facilitate the cutting process. Work your way towards the other end of the tag with the scissors, making sure not to be cutting into the actual shirt. You may want to go slow on this part so that you don’t accidentally ruin your shirt.

It’s a good idea to practice on an unwanted t-shirt just in case. Once you've gotten to the other end of the tag and it's fully off the shirt, you can now use your fingers to pull off the rest of the thread that is still attached to the shirt. Take care in not pulling too hard because you may end up ripping your dress shirt. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.