How To Remove Paint From Your Dress Shirt

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Paint is one of the most stubborn stains one can get on their clothing. We are not going to ask why you were painting in your dress shirt but here is how you can remove that beautiful new artwork from it. The key in removing paint is the same as removing stains from your dress shirt in general. Do it as soon as possible. If you wait for more than a day, especially if it's oil based paint, it might become an impossible task.

When it comes to removing paint stains, you want to first determine the type of paint used. Different paint types react differently with different dress shirt fabrics. Typically paint is either water-based or oil-based. Okay, now if the paint is water-based and is still wet, then all you have to do is scrape as much of the paint off as possible and run it through lukewarm water. Allow the water to remove the paint from the fibers completely, or you can use a soft brush to gently brush it off, then you can wash your dress shirt as usual. If the water-based paint is already dried up, it is still fixable. Try soaking the dress shirt in water for about a day, then follow the process for removing wet water-based paint.

As for oil-based paint, it is more difficult because water won't work on it and neither will a lot of cleaning products. If the oil paint on your dress shirt is still wet, try scraping off as much as possible. Then try using dishwashing detergent to remove the paint. Once most of the paint is gone, you can rinse the dress shirt with cold water. If detergent doesn't work, try paint thinners. Once the paint is practically off, you can wash your dress shirts as usual. If the oil-based paint has already dried up on your dress shirt, you should consider using commercial paint removing products or taking it to your nearest dry-cleaner. This is probably the best choice if paint got onto your silk dress shirt. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.