How To Remove Odors From Your Dress Shirt

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No matter how many prevention measures you put in place, your clothes will inevitable develop some sort of odor whether it's your fault or not. It could be from the smoke filled room, the aromas from cooking food, or maybe just from your own body odor. Either way, there are solutions to help get rid of the stench. For some of the easier odors such as food and smoke, a simple wash will get them out. However, you don't want to wash your dress shirts every time it gets a small odor. Washing your clothes too often can eventually ruin them, and dress shirts aren't the cheapest article of clothing.

An easy way for you to get those easy odors out is just to let the dress shirts air out in a clean environment. If the odors aren't too deep seated into the fabric, then simply airing out the garment will do the trick. But leaving them in the sun too often can result in fading. The next thing that you can do besides washing your dress shirt is to use cedar blocks. These small pieces of cedar wood naturally remove pests, mildew, and odors. Set them in pockets or drawers to help remove those pesky odors in your dress shirts. While the former methods do help, they can't remove the deep seated odors like body and mold odors, and more intensive methods need to be taken.

Musty odors caused by mildew and mold are a bit harder to get rid of. One of the most common ways to get rid of these deep seated smells is to first soak the clothes in a vinegar/baking soda/ammonia solution for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash regularly. The proportion should be one cup of vinegar/baking soda/ammonia to every gallon of water. If these simple household products aren't successful in removing odors, then there are several products that specialize in removing odors from clothes. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.