How To Remove Lint From Your Dress Shirt

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Lint is something that can't really be avoided. No matter what you do, you're clothes will attract lint, but luckily there are methods to remove those unwanted particles that cover your dress shirt. The easiest and most commonly used method is either a lint roller or by using tape and manually rolling it with your fingers. Both of these methods are effective at removing the lint that isn't stuck to your clothes so bad.

To use tape, wrap a piece of tape, it can be any type of tape - the stickier, the better, around three to four of your fingers and roll it across your clothes until the tape loses its stickiness and then replace with more tape. Lint rollers work the same way but are a bit more sophisticated and use a handle with a roller on it instead of your own fingers.

If you've got really bad lint that won't come off with tape, you can try either a lint shaver or a single blade razor. The lint razors are battery powered and look fairly similar to an electric razor for facial hair. You move smoothly along the surface of your dress shirt or garment and the razor will get rid of those hard to remove lint balls. You can use the same method with a single blade razor, by carefully moving the razor smoothly over the surface of the shirt, but make sure not to press too hard or else you may cut into and damage your dress shirt. When doing these things, make sure that you're putting your dress shirts on a clean surface so they aren't collecting more dirt and lint. Also, if you machine dry your dress shirts, make sure to clean the lint filter often. This will keep the collection of lint on your clothes down. In contrast to removing stains from your dress shirt, you should never use any liquids for removing lint. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.