How To Remove Candle Wax From Your Dress Shirt

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Don't panic if you've gotten candle wax on your dress shirts or clothes because there are multiple methods to remove it and all of them either involve high temperatures, low temperatures, or a combination of both. Low temperatures will cause the wax to harden and become very brittle and can easily be scrapped off. If you want to use this method, take the dress shirt that has candle wax on and rub ice, or an equivalent, on the wax until it becomes hard. Then take a credit card or a dull knife and begin to scrap the wax off. This will get the majority of the wax off, but sometimes it won't remove it all.

This is where the heat methods come in handy to melt the remainder off. To use the bowl method, take a tea kettle, or something else to boil water in. Take the dress shirt and stretch it over a bowl so that the wax laden area is in the center of the bowl and place a rubber band around the bowl to keep the shirt in place. Make sure whichever bowl you're using isn't prone to breaking by intense hot water. Now bring water up to boiling temperature or slightly lower and pour the heated water over the wax stained area and watch it melt away.

Another method is one that involves an air and a couple paper bags or paper towels. Set the iron on its lowest setting and then place the paper bag on the wax stained area. As you iron the paper bag, the wax will get absorbed into it. Replace the paper bag as needed until the wax is gone. Removing general stains from your dress shirt is much easier. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.