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Red dress shirts are one of the more challenging colors to accommodate skin tones. Although it ranges from being a bright red to a deep maroon, red dress shirts are particularly pleasing when combined with darker colors. It is a color with intense psychological effects, as proven by sociologists. It is associated with aggression, determination, and passion. With that said, donning such a color on a dress shirt is a method of conveying such characteristics.

Be careful with red shirts. Wearing the 'wrong' shade can offset the appearance of your natural skin tone. Just like the pink dress shirt, a red dress shirt on a man guarantees that he'll get noticed. And because of that reason, it is best not to wear it in conservative environments, as it can look striking and unorthodox. Red dress shirts are more suitable for occasions outside the office environment.

Men with porcelain skin can get away with wearing true reds in striking shades. Although not a popular color on men's dress shirts, it can be played down depending on the design of the dress shirt components. Maroon dress shirts are great for olive and darker skin tones and can be another addition to dress shirts for clubbing. The maroon shade is a rich jewel tone that invokes both mystery and allure and perhaps best suited for a romantic evening for two. Red Dress Shirts: Shop Online.