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Like with most other things, dress shirts vary in quality. But it isn't always easy to determine the true level of quality, as price isn't always the right indicator. While cheap dress shirts aren't always bad quality, expensive dress shirts aren't always good quality. Naturally, if the dress shirt has a sleeve falling off, you can be sure that it isn't quality. Other than the obvious, such as fabric that feels good and stitcing that is straight, all high quality dress shirts share four important characteristics. These are collar, cuffs, yoke, and buttons.

For the collar and cuffs, if there are wrinkles or bubbles in these, it's usually an indication of the poor interlining material and improper construction. Both the collar and cuffs should be able to hold their own without being too stiff. Removable collar stays in the collar flip is a sign of good quality. This means you can take out the collar stays when doing the laundry. Removing the collar stays will reduce the damage done to your dress shirt when being washed.

The yoke, which is the top part on the backside of the dress shirt, should be split down the middle on , so that the lines are not horizontal but slightly skewed upwards. This is the classical way of how the yoke should be constructed on striped dress shirts and is a good indicator of quality. As for the buttons, a quality dress shirt has buttons securely fastened without any loose threads. You should not, however, expect that the dress shirt will remain in the same condition as when you first bought it. The dress shirt also has a life of its own. But if you take good care of it, you can increase its life expectancy. Quality Dress Shirts: Shop Online.