100% Pure Cotton Dress Shirts

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Just as the name suggests, 100% cotton dress shirts mean that the shirts are entirely constructed by cotton. Unlike cotton blends where fibers distinctive of cotton are incorporated into the weave, cotton dress shirts solely rely on this natural fabric. This staple fiber has been the basis of trade for many countries in the Americas, India, and Africa.

It is spun into a thread or yarn in order to produce a soft and breathable fabric for clothes, blue dress shirts in particular. Cotton dress shirts are usually recommended when the wearer will be prone to more heat and perspiration than usual, though it can be worn at any time of the year. It allows proper ventilation inside the dress shirt because of the way that it is woven. Air naturally flows in and out the small spaces between the intersecting warps and wefts. Dress shirts made of pure cotton help regulate body heat and provide more comfort.

There are some simple indications as to how to tell the difference between a pure cotton shirt and a cotton blend shirt. 100% cotton is easily distinguished from cotton blends when they're touched. Pure cotton is more supple than those with cotton blends. When washed, pure cotton shirts can withstand copious quantities of washing and care unlike the cotton and polyester blend. They're very absorbent and can hold up to more than 25 times of its own weight. They're able to maintain form without doing damage to the fabric, as can be seen by the tufts of fabric after continuous washing of some cotton blend shirts. 100% Pure Cotton Dress Shirts: Shop Online.