Polka Dotting Your Dress Shirt

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One of the most recognizable patterns in fabric is the polka dot pattern. It consists of infinite amounts of evenly spaced circles. The pattern is usually two toned with the color of the dots contrasting that of the shirt base. The polka dot pattern can be seen in pinks, greens, reds, and yellows in children's clothing. The white dots on black or navy background is a more serious combination that can often be seen on both men and women's clothing.

When used in men's fashion, especially men's dress shirts, the polka dot pattern is usually in darker shades with the two colors very similar to each other. Think black on brown or navy on black. Since the pattern is already associated with casual wear, the darker shades will increase its seriousness just a slight bit. However, one should always stay away from wearing a polka dotted dress shirt to work unless it's Casual Fridays. If you work at a financial institution, the only time you should be sporting a polka dotted pattern is during happy hour, and only on your inner collar, or your last day of work.

We understand that life, work, or maybe just your wardrobe can be boring and you want to spice them up a little. A great way to incorporate polka dots into your dress shirt without looking like a clown at work is to use it for your inner collar and insides of your cuffs. If you decide to stroll the night scene with an opened collar, the effect can be quite trendy. A dark colored dress shirt such as solid black, striped navy, or embroidered brown can all look great with polka dotted collar linings, especially if the dots are of different colors. Just remember that a full on polka dotted dress shirt will only look great if their contrasting colors were both dark and somewhat similar. The best time to wear them to work is discretely in your own unique collar and cuff linings. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.