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Plain dress shirts are the standard, everyday dress shirts with one all over color and no customization. Plain shirts go under the basic dress shirt category in a sense that they are reliable color bases that can easily dress up or dress down an outfit. In contrast to customized dress shirts, plain shirts may lack the specific and intricate details that compose a tailor made shirt.

A customer looking to get a bespoke dress shirt made may ask for a three button collar and French Cuffs to achieve a certain appeal, whereas a basic dress shirt would simply have a two button classic and angled barrel cuffs. A custom shirt fabric may have a high thread count whereas a plain dress shirt might simply be made up of cotton fabric.

In addition to the composition of a plain dress shirt, the basic and most traditional colors for dress shirts are also considered plain should they be in white, or blue. These two colors are the most traditional and most highly used colors and used to be the instrument in which socio-economic classes were defined. Of course, basic can also mean grey shirts or red shirts, adding depth and color to the simple white shirt or blue shirt. Ultimately, by definition, plain constitutes traditional dress shirts with little personal individual customization. Plain Dress Shirts: Shop Online.