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The pinpoint dress shirt is the upgraded model of the oxford dress shirt. The pinpoint fabric has all of the same components of the oxford shirt. It uses a similar weaving method, it is optimal for both casual outings and office attire and it provides a lot of comfort. Pinpoint fabric is a type of oxford fabric, however, the main and defining difference lies in the weight and the thread used in pinpoint fabrics.

There are two ways in determining the softness of a fabric. Fabrics with a high thread count tend to have a higher quality, therefore softer to the touch. Clothing made of Egyptian cotton is known to be highly esteemed for this reason. Secondly, the other indicator of softness lies in the weight. 80's weight dress shirts, as exemplified by pinpoint dress shirts, are more lightweight than the traditional oxford shirt with a 40's weight. The reason as to why pinpoint dress shirts are lighter than oxford shirts is because of their usage of finer thread. Some, but not all, oxford shirts seemingly have a coarser hand generating an impression that it is more casual and of thicker texture.

Pinpoint dress shirts can also be combined with a synthetic blend to maximize the durability of a dress shirt. Despite some pinpoint blends, its ability to wrinkle easily may be the determining factor as to why some men would prefer the oxford shirt. It may require a little more care than a thicker textured cloth, but for a lightweight material that is hoping to achieve a low maintenance look, then this is the dress shirt of choice. Pinpoint Dress Shirts: Shop Online.