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Pink dress shirts have exploded into men's wardrobes thanks to the many designers that have recognized their ability to epitomize the contemporary man's look. Pink tones can range from a bright hue to a more subtle finish. The pink fabric can be used to either accentuate a dress shirt component or be worn as a shirt base. The color pink, once associated with less masculine characteristics, is now becoming a popular choice for men as it displays not only the confidence to be able to wear such an unorthodox color but to reemphasize a sensitive side of the male gender. Regardless, dress shirts of this color can be worn by most men and is especially complementary on men with darker skin tone and hair.

There are two main combinations available with pink dress shirts. As a base, the pink dress shirt can vary in intensity. Solid pink shirts are slightly bolder than a striped pink shirt or any other patterns. As the pinstripe shirt is a popular choice of pattern on a dress shirt, a pink pinstripe dress shirt is a great addition to men's daily office shirt collection. For a more formal yet approachable look, choose a baby pink or light pink for a winning pick. Pairing up a subtle pink base with a brown necktie can have an eye catching yet formal appearance.

If an all over pink color is not for you, then the option of incorporating this color without being too overbearing is by using contrast collar and cuffs. Contrast collar and cuffs have numerous advantages, one of them being, that they can add color to a dress shirt in a striking and stylish way. Accents of pink on a shirt will surely distinguish anyone from the traditional blue and white shirt. Pink Dress Shirts: Shop Online.