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Dress shirts with oxford weaves define the most basic of all weaves as it incorporates a simple sewing method. To be able to comprehend the characteristics of the oxford weave, it is important to define the basic components of fabric weaving. The weft is the yarn that is drawn over and under the warp or vertical yarn. In an oxford fabric, the weft is made up of a pair of fine yarns. The warp is of a heavier yarn and often of a different color, resulting in a weave that resembles a basket pattern.

The Oxford cloth dates back to 19th century and was originally made of pure cotton, but many fabrics now incorporate synthetic fibers like polyester and rayon. Traditional button down oxford shirts are great synthetic blends that are neither too casual nor too formal, thus blending in with most occasions. It is a type of fabric that requires less care than most, as it can easily be put in the wash and tends to hold its own form better than most dress shirts.

Oxford dress shirts are fairly inexpensive and are reliable as a safety dress shirt on indecisive mornings. This weave is both sturdy and breathable, making it a staple fabric used for summer dress shirts. It is one of the most lightweight fabrics for a dress shirt, maximizing the wearer's ease. For a man constantly on a time clock and packed with schedule, the oxford dress shirt optimizes both appearance and comfort. Oxford Dress Shirts: Shop Online.