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Ultimately, the standard for office dress shirts depends on the individual company culture, as appropriate office attire will differ more from company to company than country to country. If you're unsure of how to dress, it's best to take a cue from your colleagues and follow suit. The general rule is to keep office dress shirts simple and kempt.

For workplaces that are less strict, there are a few essential office dress shirts that all men ought to have. Although white dress shirts are fairly standard, they give an impression of impeccable appearance and are the most versatile of all colors. A classic blue dress shirt is both office-friendly and can be used for casual occasions with the aid of an appropriate tie. The grey dress shirts is a more sophisticated version of the blue dress shirt. Pairing either of these up with a sports coat makes it stylish and yet, not too overdressed for office wear. If the company culture is rather strict, you should probably stick to white dress shirts.

Finally, if you’re working long hours and do a lot of handiwork, wear dress shirts that accommodate you, not the other way around. Save the nicer dress shirts for occasions where they will truly be appreciated. Investing in a larger color palette doesn't hurt but restrain yourself from turning into an office eyesore. To be on the safer side, stay with the basics and add a speck of color using complementary ties. Office Dress Shirts: Shop Online.