Must Have Dress Shirts For Your Wardrobe

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There are four must have dress shirts for every man. To begin with, you can't have a wardrobe without at least one plain white shirt. Although not that exciting, a good quality plain white shirt can be used for any occassion. On the other hand, we suggest that you don't fill up your entire wardrobe with only these. You'll want to have a nice blend of the most essential dress shirts.

Okay, so we got the predictable plain white dress shirt out of the way. For the evening selection, you'll need a plain black shirt. The black dress shirt is great for adventures of the night. It also fits well with almost all the typical trouser colors. It has a very elegant look and works especially well for those who have dark hair and lighter skin. A slim fitting black shirt is a great option if you're fit.

Finally, we've got the plain light blue dress shirt. This is a very popular choice and not without a reason. It works well with a wide range of ties and many different kinds of jackets. The light blue dress shirt is particularly suitable for work. For a well balanced wardrobe, you'll also want a white french cuff dress shirt to be used for very formal events. This is our pick of the most essential dress shirts for your wardrobe. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.