Monogram Initials On Your Dress Shirt

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Personalizing your dress shirt with monogram initials is a controversial subject, to monogram or not to monogram, that is the question. Some people find it distasteful while others think it is a great way to express individuality. We feel that in some way, a monogram communicates the care with which a tailor has made the clothes. It also indicates the care a man has taken in acquiring them.

At ShirtsMyWay, you are allowed to compose the monogram using up to six characters, so you could even write nicknames if you wanted. For the placement, there are two standard old school positions to put the monogram on men's dress shirts. The first position is on the shirt pocket or directly on the shirt base fabric where the pocket would have been for pocket-less dress shirts. The second position is on the left shirt cuff.

Apart from the placement, you can choose thread and font for the monogram. In most cases, a discreet monogram will work best. You don't want a loud ostentatious monogram. We suggest that you choose a thread color similar to that of the fabric on which it will be placed. Also, if you put the monogram on a striped shirt or checkered shirt, it will most likely disagree with the fabric, so for a clean effect, you are advised only to put the monogram on fabrics with solid pattern. Did we mention that the monogram is free of charge? Dress Shirts: Shop Online.