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The loose fit dress shirt is vastly becoming a wardrobe statement and a comfort addiction for both men and women. Men are sporting dress shirts that are a couple of sizes too big and women are vying for the opportunity to raid the closets of their boyfriends. The mentality behind sporting an oversized dress shirt is the way it carries casual with chic. As they're not properly fitted to the wearer, it is suggested that the shirt is left for weekend getaways. You are unlikely to find this dress shirt style in an office. Showing up to work in a loosely fitted dress shirt does not translate into professionalism.

First, a clear differentiation between a loose fit dress shirt and a baggy shirt is needed. The baggy shirt distorts the whole silhouette of the wearer by diminishing visible contours. The loose fit dress shirt is characterized by being at most two sizes too large for the wearer, excess sleeve length permitted. The baggy shirts are reminiscent of the young and immature while loose fit dress shirts imply a relaxed but stylish presence.

There are a number of ways to spice up the loose shirt. Topping a fitted white undershirt with a striped dress shirt of a blue shade can add a stylish element to an informal shirt for an ideal beach stroll. For a Sunday brunch with friends, loose shirts with pastel colors can do the trick. Experiment with checkered shirts, black and red, over faded dark denim. Adding a touch of style can always be done by adding a pair of jeans and t-shirt. Loose Fit Dress Shirts: Shop Online.