Long Sleeve Dress Shirts

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The long sleeve dress shirts are primarily differentiated by their cuffs. A cuff that doesn't have any buttons is known as French Cuff and is the most formal of all long sleeve dress shirts. This type of dress shirt should be worn at weddings and other formal events. A cuff that does have buttons is called Barrel Cuff. Now, Barrel Cuffs either have a single button or an aligned pair. This type of dress shirt should be worn in casual settings.

An advantage that long sleeve dress shirts have is their ability to help protect the wearer from sun exposure. During seasonal transitions, where more flexibility is required, for an upcoming summer or a looming winter, t-shirts can be worn under long sleeve dress shirts to create a depth in the composition. The casual long sleeve dress shirt can also create an effective contrast when playing around with patterns.

A dress shirt with Barrel Cuffs takes advantage of a dual factor that can easily be dressed down or dressed up. In the absence of a necktie and with sleeves rolled up, long sleeve dress shirts give off a carefree attitude. Pair it up with an undershirt, and whether in color coordination with the dress shirt or not, it can become an ensemble suitable for daytime strolls or nighttime fun. Dress it up with French Cuffs and it transforms into a timeless evening piece. Keep in mind that occasions and circumstances always apply. Layering long sleeve dress shirts may be appropriate for a date but generally not accepted at the office. Long Sleeve Dress Shirts: Shop Online.