How To Iron A Dress Shirt

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Ironing your dress shirts might seem like a hassle, but it must be done if you want to look sharp and dapper. Once you know the proper method for ironing your dress shirts and take a few practice runs, ironing will be a breeze. It's quite suprising how many people don't know the correct way to iron dress shirts. You must iron the different parts of the dress shirt in a specific order to get the best possible result.

Set up your ironing board and fill the iron with water. Put the iron on the proper setting for the fabric of the shirt, which can be found by looking at the care instructions label on the shirt. If your shirt label doesn't say, then start with the lowest settings so that you don't ruin the fabric. Unbutton the shirt and lay it flat on the iron board. Now you're ready to begin ironing.

Flip the shirt collar up and starting from the center iron out to the ends on both the under and outer side of the collar. Next, do the back shoulders. Slide one shoulder over the narrow end of the ironing board and begin in the middle of the back where the collar meets the shirt yoke and iron outwards towards the shoulders. Do this for the other side. Unbutton the shirt cuff and flatten it out on and lay the rest of the shirt sleeve along the ironing board so that it is straight. Iron the cuff and then begin to work your way up the sleeve. Repeat for the other sleeve. Button the shirt and slip it over the narrow end, making sure the collar stays at the edge. Start with the back panel and slowly rotate the shirt so that you have covered the entire piece. Make sure to iron every part of the shirt, even the shirt placket and in between the shirt buttons. This will ensure that the shirt will look nice and crisp. Immediately hang once done. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.