Herringbone Dress Shirts

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The herringbone dress shirt is under the same family of twill, but with a noticeable v-shaped pattern on the fabric. This is done by alternating the direction of the twill weave. A careful inspection of the traditional twill will reveal that the diagonals are not only parallel but their striations are all going in one direction. Because of the prominent pattern, the name came to terms with the visual resemblance of the skeleton of a herring.

Herringbone are not the most commonly used cloth for dress shirts, just because the main function items of clothing that uses this particular fabric are suits and outerwear. The intricate detailing of this fabric type looks especially good on solid colored shirts. The comparison between a white oxford shirt and a white herringbone shirt has clear visual tangible effects.

The method of weave creates the illusion of a finer and meticulous finish. It appears to be thicker than the traditional oxford shirt, however, after careful scrutiny of the tangible differences between the two, the herringbone fabric triumphs in a sense that it has a smoother feel, translating into a more dressy appearance. Twill fabrics also tend to be water resistant, both a benefit and disadvantage. Nevertheless, less obvious details on a dress shirt are signs of added thoughtfulness when purchasing one. A wearer of the herringbone dress shirt executes his individuality by striving to be different from the average oxford shirt wearing executive. Herringbone Dress Shirts: Shop Online.