How To Hang A Dress Shirt

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The proper hanging of a dress shirt should not be taken lightly. The dress shirt can lose its proper form if not done correctly. If dont right, the dress shirt will gracefully degrade over time. Instead of it lying down or folded together, one should immediately hang dress shirts after ironing to maintain their pressed form. It makes no sense to have to iron it once, leave it lying around and then come back to find that creases remain because it wasn't immediately hung.

Not any hanger can accommodate and maintain the shape of a dress shirt. Avoid using wire hangers and opt for wider ones. The best is wooden hangers as they provide a sturdy support for the dress shirt shoulders. Thick plastic hangers are also acceptable. Wider brimmed woodenen hangers are ideal. Just make sure that the hanger does not have any pointed edges that could tarnish the dress shirt.

When it comes to actually hanging the dress shirt, great care must be taken not to stress the fabric. Carefully unbutton the shirt placket to accommodate the hanger. The top placket opening must be wide enough to fit the hanger through without damaging the appearance of the dress shirt. One of the methods to ensure that you get the most out of your dress shirt is properly maintaining it. Properly hanging your dress shirt is the final step in the maintenance process that can extend the life of your dress shirt. Dress Shirts: Shop Online.