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The grey dress shirt can ooze a sense of sophistication and youth. Grey, the median tone of black and white is at times associated with practicality. It provides a great neutral tone, like brown dress shirts, enabling color complements to be enhanced. Because of its neutrality, grey shirts can be worn in all four seasons as it emulates that of a canvas, where dress shirt accessories appear more vivid than they actually are.

Putting its connotations of a color for loss and monotony aside, grey dress shirts work very well with both colors and its counterparts, black and white. In fact, it is recommended to add color to it, to prevent it from appearing too lifeless. Grey shirts are actually one of the few men's dress shirts that encourage the experimentation of color. Pastel pink and blue radiate with grey shirts, either in pattern or neckties. Some men even extend the personalization of it by adding a hint of color in the inner collar.

Grey cotton shirts appear too casual and pairing it up with a silk necktie forms unpleasant aesthetics for the grey dress shirt needs an element of luster, in order to qualify as a formal dress shirt. The color grey lacks depth and texture as a simple matte look. In contrast, dress shirts with a sheen finish reinforce that sophistication and the colors that it's worn with remind others of the individual's playful nature. With these suggestions in mind, the grey dress shirt is gradually making its debut into having an appeal of a clubbing dress shirt. Grey Dress Shirts: Shop Online.