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Gingham is a classic pattern that everyone can recognize but no one can remember the name to. The pattern looks like checkers and it has been used in all sorts of clothing. Due to the way it is weaved, Gingham is very easy to clean and comfortable to wear. Nowadays the fabric is mainly made using cotton with most of them pretreated to help minimize wrinkles.

The pattern itself isn't always appropriate for the traditional corporate world because the pattern is often associated with kitchen curtains, aprons and cowboy shirts. However, there are still a few acceptable Gingham dress shirts out there appropriate for the office. First, you want to try dress shirts that are in the traditional colors, that is blue and white or black and white. Second, similar to polka dotted dress shirts, the closer the colors are to each other, the classier the dress shirt will look and the less noticeable the pattern becomes. This means if you don't like black on white or blue on white you can go with navy on black or brown on black. Last, you want the patterns to be very very small or else you might get mistaken for a tablecloth at a BBQ.

In general, Gingham is a very casual pattern and it will look best in casual dress shirts. The light weight of the fabric is also great for the summer. Short sleeves and button down collars will both work well with this pattern. But if you want to have a trendier feel to the dress shirt, try darker color combinations and keep the long sleeves. Gingham Dress Shirts: Shop Online.