French Cuff Dress Shirts

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A French Cuff Dress Shirt entails a shirt having two double cuffs that fold back and are secured by either cuff links, or in some cases silk knots, depending on the occasion. Even though French Cuff Dress Shirts are not made with buttons, some producers will do this. Making French Cuffs with buttons is considered an improper construction as they are only meant for Barrel Cuffs, where the buttons are stitched on one side and the buttonholes on the other. Cuffs are meant to snugly wrap around the wrist.

French Cuffs add style to any dress shirt and are the preferred choice of cuff when attending semi-formal or even black-tie events. They are meant to extend a little further than standard cuffs and command attention, especially when dressed in a suit and enhanced by high quality cuff links. For an added characteristic, French Cuffs can also have a unique fabric on the inside of the cuff, which can be readily shown. Alternatively, two toned shirts create variety and add depth to the shirt. The blue dress shirt is sometimes enhanced with white French Cuffs for an added effect.

To secure French Cuffs on a formal event, wearers should devote time to finding appropriate cuff links. In some corporate settings, many highly regarded employees often have dress shirts that are embellished with luxurious cuff links to maintain an image of stature. This style is also fashioned in formal social gatherings. Cuffs are one of the key features in not only determining how dressy a shirt is, but how to distinguish personal styles. Leaving French Cuffs open is a trend that is, unfortunately, making a statement. The trend miserably attempts to incorporate the relaxed look with a sophisticated touch, when the whole purpose of French Cuffs is to be securely fastened. It may be a minute detail, but imagine a bowtie that's too big for the collar. It diminishes the sophistication entirely. French Cuff Dress Shirts: Shop Online.