Formal Dress Shirts

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Since formal dress shirts are supposed to show the wearer in very high regard, they require meticulous attention to detail. Fabric, cut, and color are three important factors in determining the level of formality that a dress shirt reflects. Enforcing a formal dress code for an event can be confusing for the guests. Under the term formal attire are slight adjustments to specific items of clothing that categorizes the composition of the attire into discrete names. We will consider white formal dress shirts as the norm.

The precise components of a dress shirt are also considered and these specifications can have significant implications. While straight collared dress shirts look sharp in any event, wing collared dress shirts are saved for the most formal of occasions. French Cuffs are also typical for occassions requiring this level of formality.

Having a wrinkle free form is achieved by mixing polyester and cotton blends. In wedding receptions where occasional dancing is encouraged, wrinkle free wedding dress shirts are particularly helpful. The concept of formality is best illustrated by the simplification of dress shirts. The objective is to display the dress shirt and the wearer in the highest esteem. Thus, incorporating a quirky feature on a conservative item of clothing merely degrades its sharpness. Formal Dress Shirts: Shop Online.