How To Fold A Dress Shirt

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When business requires you to remain sharp and kempt at all times, one must wonder how to effectively fold and pack dress shirts to create the least amount of wrinkles possible. Even if not travelling, folding dress shirts could be a great alternative to hanging dress shirts. This compact form is also a great space saver for your wardrobe.

First, find a flat surface to place your dress shirt on. The following steps is a standard procedure for folding a dress shirt. Ensure that all the buttons, including the last top button on the shirt collar, are done up. This will remove any excess wrinkles the shirt may have when being folded. Now you're ready to start folding.

Face the dress shirt down, with the placket and collar against the flat surface. Take one sleeve and turn it inwards, creating a diagonal fold at the top of the sleeve and the cuffs touching the hem of the shirt. Flatten it out and remove any wrinkles. Take the other sleeve and do the same. The sleeves should be around 20 centimeters or 8 inches folded in from its original state. Next, with the placket and collar still facing down, fold up that side so that the collar and placket are now exposed and there is a 7 centimeter or 3 inch allowance between the top of the collar and the hem of the dress shirt. Fold the extended part underneath the collar so that it is sandwiched between the two layers. Then fold the shirt in half to ensure the smallest footprint hold. When you've done this for all your dress shirts, simply stack them in an orderly way and place them inside a space saving vacuum bag if you have one. Remove any excess air and you're ready to go! Dress Shirts: Shop Online.