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In the old days, single initial or two initial monograms were preferred, however, contemporary dress shirts are now incorporating three initials and sometimes even more, to the delight of dress shirt enthusiasts. Monogram initials are usually a sign of high customization, making an item truly unique. Bed sheets, duvet covers and towels are some of the few things that some people choose to have tailor made.

There are a couple of simple rules when deciding to embellish your dress shirt with monogram initials. The most important rule is to keep it clean. Whilst embroidered dress shirts give the wearer complete freedom over the style and thread, the rule is to keep it discrete. Use a thread that is similar to the fabric on the shirt base. Choose lettering that is clear, this should be closely examined particularly when choosing to buy an embroidered dress shirt for someone else!

The location of initials is traditionally placed on the cuff. French Cuff Shirts with monogram initials centered on the shirt pocket is another alternative. Should the dress shirt lack a pocket, then the European placement method is used instead. What this means is that the embroidered initials are placed on the left panel where the pocket would usually be. Individuals can also choose to use the bottom of the shirttail as a location for their initials as they are a common practice for laundry identification. Embroidered initials are the finishing touches, if not the cherry on top of a custom made shirt. Embroidered Dress Shirts: Shop Online.