Dress Shirts For Tall Men

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Men with specific measurements that require special attention to their frames should always get their dress shirts tailored. Like dress shirts for short men, dress shirts for tall men also need the hand of a tailor. Often, ready made dress shirts, may end up burning a hole in the wallet due to the many amendments they require. It is best to get dress shirts custom made to ensure that armpit specifications, shoulder easements, and shirttail measurements for the individual are well-fitted.

To balance out tall and lanky frames, tall men should concentrate on redirecting attention to horizontal visuals by creating volume. Solid colored dress shirts, including wide-spaced vertical stripes and checks can mask lankiness, creating a more proportionate figure. Contrasting the dress shirt with white shirt collar and shirt cuffs can help offset elongated arms. Wide spread collars also help widen a narrow face and adding a shirt pocket to the dress shirt enables it to construct depth to the tall frame.

If the dress shirt is to be complimented by a suit, tall men should get one that is made from heavier fabric like tweed. This will also add depth. Finally, when wearing a pinstripe suit, similar to that of a vertically striped dress shirt, make sure that the suit stripes are be located further apart than those of the dress shirt. Dress Shirts For Tall Men: Shop Online.