Dress Shirts For Summer

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Just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to choose polos over dress shirts. There are certain dress shirts that are great for the hot weather and others you should definitely avoid. Dark colored dress shirts should not be worn under the heat. Black dress shirts will absorb the heat and make you even hotter. To stay cool, chose lighter colored dress shirts. You don't have to wear solid white dress shirts everyday but you should definitely think about investing in some striped dress shirts with a white background. A white dress shirt with tan stripes will look great both as office attire and casual wear.

Short sleeve dress shirts are also a great choice for the summer. Perhaps try customizing your solid colored dress shirts with shoulder loops and pockets. This will give it a bit more style and excitement. However, short sleeve dress shirts are more appropriate for casual attire. If you plan on attending any formal events, try to avoid the short sleeved dress shirts. You'll probably be better off wearing a long sleeved dress shirt and rolling up the sleeves after you scope out the general environment.

Other alternatives to regular 100% cotton dress shirts for the summer are linen and silk dress shirts which are more breathable. These fabrics are lighter so they will allow more air to go through. Especially the white linen shirts are ideal in combatting strong sun rays due to their ability to reflect light. The only downside to these is that they will wrinkle more easily than the cotton dress shirt. Summer Dress Shirts: Shop Online.