Dress Shirts For Spring

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Spring is when flowers bloom and streets get filled with walking allergies. You might be gloomy from all the sneezing but you can still lighten up your mood with some lively shades of dress shirts. You are finally out of hibernation so don't be afraid to try out new colors of this season. We recommend you trying out some lavenders, light blues, yellows, and pinks. These colors will no doubt brighten up your day.

Colorful stripes are also good choices for the spring. Unlike checkered shirts and gingham shirts, stripes are less busy, thus appearing lighter on the eyes. Stripes of lighter colors will be great for this season. Consider getting some cool colors like purples, greens, and blues on striped dress shirts. The other patterns do also work for the spring. Just make sure the base color is white or else your dress shirt will appear too heavy for the season. After all it's spring and you want to feel lively.

As for fabric, man-made materials are great for this season. They can retain heat better than pure cotton dress shirts so they will still protect you from chilly nights. Of course if you live in areas that have hotter springs you can still wear your 100% cottons and maybe even take out your linens. Spring Dress Shirts: Shop Online.