Dress Shirts For Short Men

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In contrast to dress for tall men, shorter men should concentrate efforts in adding height, rather than adding weight. Ill-fitting dress shirts can make short men appear even shorter than they really are by expanding the torso. To help create the illusion of a slimmer figure, and thereby adding tallness, dress shirts for shorter men should be slightly tighter around the armpits. Similarly, you'll want to have slightly shorter sleeves and shirttails.

It is advised that shorter men wear shirts with straight collar points. As the points are set closer together, it invites attention towards the center, thus extending the facial profile, especially to a man with a fuller face. The general consensus for striped shirts is that they should be based on individual profiles. Pinstripes are good for slimmer bodies, whereas thicker stripes are essential for balancing a wider frame. Vertical stripes are there to create an illusion of height. The same logic applies to the width of a necktie. You'll want a wider necktie for shorter or wider men and a narrower necktie for taller or slimmer men.

If you are below average height, there are also ways of compensating using colors and patterns. Dark solids work well on hiding a protruding mid-section. Shorter men should avoid patterned dress shirts to avoid being enveloped by the shirt. Having a solid color for the suit also proves advantageous as a monochrome look deceives the eye as having added vertical length. Dress Shirts For Short Men: Shop Online.