Dress Shirts For Autumn

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Autumn is the time when the trees turn colors and the ground is covered in layers of their fallen leaves. It is also the time when men start layering their clothing in preparation for the chilly weather. Depending on where you are on the globe, your dress shirt could still be flaunting your chest hair or could be nested under your sweater and blazer. Either way, you want to welcome the changing weather with a little color, especially if it's hidden under layers and layers of other clothing.

Unlike the summer when dark colored dress shirts will absorb too much heat, they will actually be perfect for the fall. But since most of your dress shirt might be hidden behind your sweater, you probably want to wear more patterns. Patterned dress shirts are a great way for you to incorporate colors into your wardrobe without seeming too over the top. You should rather be seen in a white dress shirt with nice black and green stripes or small checkers than a solid forest green dress shirt.

Smaller patterns will be more useful than solid dark colors mainly because most dark colors aren't appropriate for the office. Checkers, plaids, and stripes will however be suitable for the office. Stripes are especially good because they can match any outerwear easily and can be worn during almost any occasion. Perhaps experiment with different colored stripes such as purple, brown, green, or burgundy this season. Autumn Dress Shirts: Shop Online.