The Dress Shirt Yoke

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The yoke is the piece of fabric that is located on the upper back of a dress shirt. It is the panel that occupies the breadth of the shoulders. Like the dress shirt placket, it must also be made for durability as it is one of the central areas that provides extra strength when the shirt bears weight. Little details on a dress shirt can either highlight or demean quality. Most dress shirts have an unsplit yoke, otherwise known as a one piece yoke. A split yoke, or two piece yoke, is two pieces of fabric that are sewn together in the middle.

There are many arguments as to why the split yoke is superior to the unsplit yoke. Many claim that a split yoke on a striped dress shirt simply adds more style as the fabrics can be skewed and then sewn on to create diagonal stripes. Others argue that it makes the dress shirt fit better and exemplifies the work of a good tailor. Regardless, it is usually the less expensive dress shirts that have an unsplit yoke.

Recent arguments suggest that a split yoke adds comfort to the wearer. Usually, 100% pure cottton dress shirts are composed of vertical and horizontal threading. When high quality cotton is stretched vertically, it's uncompromising. The same goes for horizontal stretching. A split yoke has diagonal striations on the dress shirt, which seems to give the ability for stretching the cotton, thus enabling the wearer freer movements. Dress Shirt Yoke: Design Yours.